Monday, June 24, 2013

Master Comics #79 (May 1947- Bulletman)

Bulletgirl's parting comment best sums up this tale, "This is the daffiest Case We've Ever Ben On!" This reminds one of the 1944 Captain Marvel Jr. story from Master Comics #47 (MC #47-90) called "Corporal Hitler Jr". It seems likely that the three goofy villains of this story were penciled by a different cartoonist than drew the figures of Bulletman and Bulletgirl. It also likely that the same inker delineated the entire story. As with the earlier Cap Jr. story the contrast of styles is jarring. In comparison to the wonderfully animated, energetic style of the villains the Bullet Pair drawings come out very stiff and lifeless. This humorous romp is very atypical as most of the Bulletman tales which are serious crime stories.

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