Monday, August 27, 2012

Captain Marvel Jr. #14 (December 1943) Sivana, the Muscle Midget

Note: This is a patch work issue. What is presented over the next several weeks are reprints from Captain Marvel Jr #14 (December 1943). The first two stories presented (actually stories 2 & 3 in CMJ #14) is from the b & w British edition of CMJ #19 (apparent published ten years later in 1953). Since this issue is not yet at Digital Comics Museum we present this issue minus the first story for research purposes. Hopefully someone will upload the entire original issue in the future.

Sivana the Muscled Midget

This story contains a rare typo, Page 7 panel 5 "My best chance to catch up to him is not as Capt. Marvel!" (Should be Capt. Marvel Jr. ). There seems to be some uncertainty about Sivana's knowledge of CMJ's alter ego. When Sivana gags Freddy he declares, " Captain Marvel Jr's crippled little friend--he's generally not very far from this little brat!" However it has been established that Sivana knows CapJr's secret identity (CMJ #4, 32). The theme of Sivana or Sivana Jr gaining to super powers will appear again.
Art: Many Mac Raboy swipes/photostats.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Captain Marvel Jr #71 (March 1949- The Ghost of Captain Marvel Jr.)

The Ghost of Captain Marvel, Jr.

This story has the quality of a fairy tale. It is very simply told with a definite view of the battle between good and evil. This is a glimpse into the metaphysics of Captain Marvel Jr. After death people turn into ghosts. If they are followers of the good Queen of Shades they go about doing good and helping good people. Opposed to the Queen is the Evil One--a cross between Pan of Greek myths and the Devil. Shazam describes him, "The Evil One's a disgruntled ghost, jealous of the good queen of shades! He wants to spread evil in the world by killing all the good people." The parallels with Biblical theology are striking. Satan is a fallen angel because of his pride and envy. He is described as a murderer from the beginning (John 8:44). Old Shazam has the ability to temporarily change the Blue Boy into a ghost.

This story parallels the rise of the mystery, supernatural and horror stories that were becoming popular at the time as published in Adventures into the Unknown (The first regular series with supernatural/horror stories). Beautiful art by Bud Thompson.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Captain Marvel Jr #71 (March 1949-CMJ and the Singing Donkey )

This is a delightful fable about a singing and talking donkey. The crooner, Bop Dorbey, is obviously, Bing Crosby makes an appearance only on the last page. In 1946 David Stern wrote and published a popular book called "Francis the Talking Mule". In 1950 the first of a series of comedy motion pictures based on Francis appeared. Perhaps this story was influenced by the book. However there is also a talking donkey in the Bible (Balaam donkey, Numbers 22:28-30). CapJr. again does an impossible stunt by lifting a building of its foundation and replacing it better that ever. This doesn't account for the building plumbing and wiring that would be damaged by lifting the structure. Once again Bud Thompson provides some wonderful art.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Captain Marvel Jr #71 (March 1949, CMJ and the Animal Invasion)

 CMJ and the Animal Invasion

This story has some similarities (rampaging animals) to the 1995 Jumanji movie starring Robin Williams. CapJr actually lies to the Animal Master in order to get the telepathy translator away from him. The Blue Boy could have easily overpowered the demented scientist and gotten the devise away from him without resorting to deception. Art By Joe Certa.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Captain Marvel Jr #71 (March 1949, Page Fragments)


Here are the page fragments for the first six pages for CMJ #71. Next week We'll return with another CapJr. story.