Monday, May 27, 2013

Master Comics #78 (April 1947- Nyoka)

This Nyoka tale takes the jungle girl to the wilds of Australia in search of that continent's exotic animals. She is accompanied by the aptly named Professor Skatterbrane and has a series of comedic encounters while trying to capture various local fauna. Skatterbrane has no real use as a intellectual--a perfect stereotype of a forgetful and bumbling academic. Skatterbrane does redeem himself by masking the villain allowing Nyoka to administrator the knock out blow. Except for the encounter with Killer King and the liberation of the gold mine's discoverer this story is played for laughs.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Master Comics #78 (April 1947- Bulletman)

Perhaps the main importance of this story is that Bulletgirl becomes the star of the show by rescuing Bulletman. The premise that Bulletman and Bulletgirl coming to the same conclusion about the street repair and the steamroller isn't too far fetched as husband and wives often think the same things (albeit Jim and Susan are not yet married but are partners nonetheless). Perhaps the major problem has to do with them not confiding their suspicions with one another. The artwork is very simple yet tells the story very well. The use of perspective is employed the effectively through the story. The comment by Jim on page one regarding the Hopalong Cassidy movie is a good reminder to the reader of Hoppy's Fawcett comic book adventures as well as his B movie Westerns.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Master Comics #78 (April 1947-Captain Marvel Jr.)

Captain Marvel Jr.

This story shows Freddy having fun with a girl somewhat younger than himself. Babs Randall actually asked the newsboy out for a date. Freddy certainly likes her but as a friend not a romance, at least at first. At the end Babs, after being rescued by the Blue Boy, shows concern for Freddy and CapJr. assures her that he has, also, saved Freddy. The World's Mightiest Boy muses, "Gosh! she really does like Freddy! She wasn't playing a joke on him!" This is a sweet story--simply told with a good moral about friendship and greed (by cousin Malcolm). It seems a pity Babs did not reappear in subsequent adventures. (Collector's Note: On the cover is a date-Feb 24, 1947. This apparently is a stamp date when the retailer received the comic and displayed it for sale. )  Art: Bud Thompson

Monday, May 6, 2013

The Blue Boy Chronicles

Soon to be published is the first issue of The Blue Boy Chronicles. This is a magazine devoted to Fawcett's Golden Age Captain Marvel Jr.

The first issue contains an extensive three-part biography of Freddy Freeman, the outer space stories of Captain Marvel Jr., the Boy stories of Captain Marvel Jr, the publishing history of Captain Marvel Jr, a Sivana Jr profile and much more.

Watch this blog for publication and availability dates. Coming Soon!