Monday, May 30, 2011

Captain Marvel Jr #39 (The Trail of Death)

This story shows the Blue Boy as a good samartian rescuing a depressed businessman from a planned suicide.This blend of human interest and do-goodism is a moral trademark in many CMJ stories. The art is by Bud Thompson.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Captain Marvel Jr #39 (The Death of Graybeard)

The "Death of Graybeard" is the last in a trilogy of stories. The first two Graybeard tales were published in the previous issues, Captain Marvel Jr #37(April 1946) and #38 (May 1946). The basis of this tale comes from numerous stories that have surfaced over many years of European, Mid-eastern, Asian and African (including ancient Egyptian) travelers who visited the Americas in pre-Columbian times. Graybeard didn't stay dead as he returned to give Captain Marvel Jr. a hard time in World's Finest Comics #263 (June-July 1980). The artist on this story was August Froehlich who also drew the previous two Graybeard stories.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Captain Marvel Jr #39 (The Headline Stealer)

Since we've had a request for CMJ #39 (June 1946) we'll back track a bit and over the next four weeks run the CMJ stories from that issue, By the way we will be uploading ever earlier (as well as  later) issues in the future.

The Headline Stealer
This yarn just shows you that you can never trust a Sivana. Sivana Jr ever betrays his dear old dad in an attempt to kill Freddy Freeman thus eliminating his chief nemesis, Captain Marvel Jr. Sivana Jr does partially "redeem" himself by springing his father from jail. This story was written by Otto Binder (Grand Comics Database) with art by Bud Thompson.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Captain Marvel Jr #52 (CMJ Helps His Neighbors)

In "CMJ Helps His Neighbors" gas station owner Red O'Riley makes his first appearance and is rescued by the Blue Boy. Officer Bellows figures prominently in this story which includes a neighborhood watch committee of sorts. Sam Bond, the fire chief, is also in this story as he was in the first. Bond however rarely appears in in future CMJ stories. In this story Freddy's neighborhood is shown. On page 6 we have a panorama view of the neighborhood with Fire station next door to the bank (with Freddy's newsstand on the sidewalk in front of) and the gas station across the street. Freddy concluding announcement is fitting, "Yes, sir! I sure like this neighborhood! I have a host of friends now, and I'm here to stay!" This story was written by Otto Binder with art by Bud Thompson.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Captain Marvel Jr #52 (Battles the Blues)

With "CMJ Battles the Blues" we are taking an exception to our rule to just reprint stories not already on the Web. This story is available at the GoldenAge UK and the Digital Comics Museum web sites. We do this as a matter of completeness.
It is interesting that Sivana Jr.'s Vibrator ray didn't harm the World's Mightiest Boy but his uniform was destroyed. Unlike Superboy's costume CMJ uniform is not indestructible. One of Freddy's new neighbors is Tom Simmons, the Tailor who helps with his soiled costume. During the Silver Age The Flash's villainous Rogues galley had their own tailor (Paul Gambi) who constructed their costumes. According to GCD this story was written by Otto Binder with art by Bud Thompson.