Monday, June 17, 2013

Master Comics #79 (May 1947- Captain Marvel Jr.)

Captain Marvel Jr.

In this story we see that Freddy is the president of the newsboy club. The crippled newsboy is president, at least, by CMJ #48-239. (April 1947) the month before this issue. Justice in the Fawcett universe is an amazing thing. Cliff, the bad boy of this yarn, commits two acts of attempted murder, destroys private property and threatens bodily harm with a firearm to young boys and yet he is given only a very light sentence. This is one of those stories about an idyllic all-boy outing--a picnic/journey that is disrupted by the bad guy who is later redeemed. These sorts of boy stories are so foreign to the spirit of 21st century comics they seem to have taken place on another planet, definitely a more civil and congenial time.

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