Monday, July 1, 2013

Master Comics #79 (May 1947-Nyoka)

Borneo has certainly been known for its headhunters. In this story we see Nyoka's father, Dr. Gordon (perhaps a relative of Flash Gordon?). Nyoka, good-hearted and ready to help, impulsively plunges into the jungle armed only with a pocket knife to rescue a downed pilot. Her escape from the bloodthirsty natives is far fetched and as she admits "impossible". Question: Does bamboo have the sort of elasticity presented in this story? Also there is an interesting throw away reference to Captain Marvel Jr.— Master Comics' lead feature. The copy of Master Comics this story was scanned from was poorly stitched. Some portions of the outer, side panels got cropped out because of printing alinement problems. These alinement issues in addition to poor color registration were common in Fawcett comic books.

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  1. Thanks for this one! It completes our scan of the issue on the Digital Comics Museum. Peace.