Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Master Comics #111 (January 1950-Nyoka-"The Jungle Jaunice")

Nyoka was the civilized jungle girl of the 1940s comics. Instead of running around and vine swinging in animal skins like Sheena, Rulah, Tiger Girl and the rest she wore a fairly modest blouse and shorts. While spending most of her time in the jungle she did occasionally go into the outer world. She was a civilized person whose adventures happened to be in the jungle.
Perhaps the most interesting thing about this story is the artwork by H.G. Kiefer(GCD). Kiefer put great detail into his jungle drawings and the native village (p. 3). Nyoka was one of Fawcett's long lasting characters with her title ending in June 1953. Charlton purchased the rights to the character and had their own Nyoka comic from 1955 to 1957.

Also included here are some ads, and text stories. The rest of the issue will be published next week.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Master Comics #111 (January 1950-CMJ & The Seeing Eye)

 Note: This week we will present the first two stories from Master Comics #111 and next week the rest of the issue.

The Seeing Eye

This story shows that Freddy finally realizes the folly of making himself venerable by turning from CMJ to himself. "What a fool I was! After I saw what was in store I never should have permitted myself to be taken unaware!" It also shows Freddy enjoying an ice cream soda and having compassion on a younger boy and treating him a soda. The Blue Boy's throwing the Magic Eye object into the ocean could mean it could wash up on a beach and be found later. Why not destroy it as he had done with other dangerous objects? This seems ready made for a future but ultimately unwritten story. Art by Kurt Schaffenburger.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Captain Marvel Jr #44 (November 1946, CMJ and the Poison Press!)

This story has the same basic plot premise as "The Case of the Poisoned Press" (CMJ #13)--three years earlier. It is an update recycled plot (even with a similar title) taking into account the public's interest in atomic radiation. This is an educational story on gamma radiation. CMJ explains to a policeman, "Anybody reading these newspapers would have been temporarily blinded...by radio-active emanations! Lester Larch, the ink and dye mixer, put a radio-active solution in the ink, with which these papers were printed!" The polices furthers asks, " You mean the radio-active rays can cause anemia and blindness?"  Junior further elaborates, "Yes, these are the most powerful rays known, called gamma rays!"
CMJ was more realistic about Gamma Rays that Stan Lee and Jack Kirby were 16 years later when Bruce Banner turned into the Incredible Hulk by being exposed to a Gamma Bomb explosion.
As with the previous story Bud Thompson was probably involved in the penciling.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Captain Marvel Jr #44 "CMJ Finds the Key to the Mystery"!(November 1946)

 (Note: My copy of this issue is missing pages 2-5 of this story). This is a story where Freddy Freeman and CapJr. play detective in solving a murder mystery. Freddy's escape from the furnace is one of the more plausible escapes we've seen in these stories. Lord Greystack is close to Lord Greystoke (Tarzan). It appears that Bud Thompson was involved in this story's art.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Captain Marvel Jr #44 (November 1946) CMJ Becomes Too Strong!

Special Note: The copy of CMJ #44 I have is not complete. There are several pages missing from the second story. This will be noted next week.

This story shows Freddy Freeman as a super hero without the assistance of CMJ. This is a fun story where Freddy is able to perform many of the same super stunts that his alter ego does. CapJr summarizes the formula for his battles with Sivana. "Sivana made me too powerful for my own good! That wily old villain is always thinking up some new trick! This is the best one so far." This is a longer than usual story for this time period. Art by Bud Thompson.