Monday, June 10, 2013

Master Comics #78 (April 1947- Radar)


By the time this story was written World War II (the war against Fascism) had been over with -- for almost two years. In March 1946 former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill give his famous "Iron Curtain" speech in Fulton, Missouri sounding a warning to the West of aggressive expansionist Soviet Communism. Communism was rapidly replacing the Axis as a threat to international peace. It seems as if the Fawcett editors were still worried about Fascism more than Soviet style communism. Interestingly Radar is an international policeman more connected to the United Nations than the United States.

That aside it seems strange that the former dictator of Turania would expose himself to the dangers of personally kidnapping the new President Borra rather than assigning the job to his henchmen. Also using a gun silencer to kill Borra instead of kidnapping him only to kill him later seems a more efficient way to deal with the problem. It is interesting that Radar has a partner to work with, Officer Chang. This gives someone for Radar to talk with and provides a multi-racial element to the story.

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