Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Blue Boy Chronicles #1 is Ready

I have just received copies of the Blue Boy Chronicles #1 from the printer. If you'd like to get a copy send check or money order to Don Ensign.

They are $6.95 per copy post paid. 

* 48 pp.
* Full color
* Articles on Freddy Freeman (3 parts), Sivana Jr, CMJ Outer Space stories, the Boy stories,
  the art of Captain Marvel Jr. and much more.

From Aug. 31- Sept. 30. 2013 mail to:

Donald Ensign
@ Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum
P.O. Box 550
Crosbyton, TX. 79322

After October 1, 2013 mail to:

Donald Ensign
250-A S Paseo Cerro
Green Valley, AZ 85614

They can also be purchased from Bud Plant Art Books.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Captain Marvel Jr. #35 (January 1946, "Return of the Antbear)

This tale is a followup on the story " CMJ Meets the Antbear" CMJ #33. [See commentary for June 11, 2011]. This is one of those stories that doesn't take itself too seriously with the famous Fawcett sense of humor playing the major role in the story. The antbear (acting as a bloodhound) leads Cap Jr. to an anthill instead of the stolen panda is a delightful twist.  While the Blue Boy is given the antbear at the conclusion the animal does not appear again. He is one those POF (Pets of Freddy) that we only see for a story or two and never to be seen again. Art by Bud Thompson.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Captain Marvel Jr. #35 (Twenty Four Hours To Live!, January 1946)

Twenty-Four Hours To Live! 

This story's premise is based on a misunderstanding that the reader doesn't find out until the end.  This tale actually has the World's Mightiest Boy displaying some emotions--sadness, depression and resolve to do the right thing with the time he has left. Dr. Sivana appears but has only a marginal role as he attempts to free Bill Banion from prison is foiled by Cap Jr. The cover of this issue has Junior battling Sivana Jr. Perhaps this issue is a forever a collector's anomaly concerning the question --as to why or who's fault the error was made to run CMJ #36's cover on this issue and miss a number )issue #34). In this very rare instance perhaps both Will Lieberson and Wendell Crowley dropped the ball on this one. Bud Thompson does the art on this story.

As noted above: This issue is noteworthy as the cover says this is issue No. 35 but the third page indicia information says January, 1946, Vol. 6., No. 34. While there were 119 issues only 118 issues of Captain Marvel Jr. actually were published.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Captain Marvel Jr. #31 (July 1945-The Courage of K-9)

The Courage of the K-9

This story combines several different genre. One, this is a peripheral war story. It details an unusual problem of a returning GI coming home after serving his country overseas. Secondly it is an animal story where Granger, the K-9 dog redeems himself by saving his master, Joe Wagner from the death grip of the rustler's canine. Also the Montana locale, the sheep rancher and armed rustlers place this yarn in the western genre. This story is unusual in that it has a thematic foot in three genre: war, animal and western. The story's conclusion is wrapped up very well with everyone winning (except the rustlers). This is a moderately well done "feel good" story where Cap Jr. helps out a down on his luck GI reconnect with what is most important to him. 
Some of the character faces and figures looks as if Bud Thompson had input into the visual look of this story if he was not responsible for the entire art job (of course with many Mac Raboy swipes).