Saturday, March 31, 2012

Master Comics #89 Hopalong Cassidy (March 1948)

We will be taking an taking an Easter break for a couple of weeks. We will be back with more Captain Marvel Jr fun.

The Hypnotist's Spell! (Hopalong Cassidy)

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this story is the hypnotist villain is named Slim Pickens. Character actor Louis Burton Lindley, Jr. adopted "Slim Pickens" as a stage name and played in many westerns and other films from 1950 to 1981. This Hoppy story seems to predate the film career of the real Slim Pickens. This story could very well have been a story of most other B-western heroes of the period with only minor changes.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Master Comics #89 Kanvasback (March 1948)

Molar Mauler (Kanvasback)

Kanvasback like Colonel Corn and Korny Kobb was one of those humor fillers that floated around and found homes in various Fawcett titles like Whiz Comics, Captain Marvel Adventures, Captain Midnight, Marvel Family, Wow Comics with the most appearances in Captain. Marvel Jr. These are the stand up comedic adventures of a mostly down-on-his-luck prize fighter and his sometimes weaselly manager Mal Arky.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Master Comics #89 Bulletman (March 1948)

The Death Jump (Bulletman)

This 1948 Bulletman story is one of the better later Flying Detective tales. Crooked businessmen, who go to all lengths including murder to get lucrative contracts, are not unknown in Fawcett comics but this plot is plausible. Once again the implausible event is the ability of Jim Barr and Susan Kent to change into their alter egos in time to perform a mid-air rescue (p. 3). Captain Marvel or Captain Marvel Jr doing the same stunt seems possible (lightning transformation) but not the Flying Detectives. Very competent art by Bill Ward (?).

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Master Comics #89 Colonel Corny and Korny Kobb (March 1948)

The True Friend (Colonel Corn and Korny Kobb)

This is a humor filler strip that appeared in issues of Master Comics, Captain Marvel Adventures, Whiz Comics, Captain Marvel Jr, Mary Marvel, and Captain Midnight comics. The story is filled with sight gags, one liners and a deft use of perspective to keep the narrative moving.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Master Comics #89 Nyoka "The Rubber Pox Plague" (March 1948)


Perhaps the most interesting thing about this story is that most of the violence takes place off panel. We don't see Dr. Squid killing his own brother but we do see Nyoka defending herself. The artist moves the "camera" around for some interesting shots (page 4, panel 3). Once again Nyoka isn't Sheena but she gets the job done.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Master Comics #89 CMJ in "The Worldest Largest Dog" (March 1948)

With this post we are beginning our second year of the Captain Marvel Jr. Blog. I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to read through the posts and stories that we have uploaded. We have more to come. Hope you continue to enjoy the ride. This time Master Comics #89 is our feature which we will round out the month of March.

This story shows the fraternity situation that has developed at Mrs. Wagner's Boarding House. The Boarders are so concerned about Mrs Wagner's health they willingly contribute to her operation. This is also a tale where criminal activity is not involved with the action coming from the giant dog escaping which causes chaos and havoc. Here we have CMJ as super animal trainer.  "Using his tremendous will power, Captain Marvel Jr. trains the world's largest dog for a pet in a mere fraction of the time ordinarily required..." This story reminds one of the giant dog story (Atomic Knights) in Strange Adventures #138 (March 1962). Written by Bill Woolfolk (GCD).The art on this story is probably by Kurt Schaffenberger.