Monday, June 3, 2013

Master Comics #78 (April 1947-Corny Cobb)

As mentioned previously the artist of this strip used perspective to add some depth to his mostly linear drawing style. Page two which shows the two protagonists in their law office shows perspective used in odd angles which gives the pages rather flunky and disorienting feel. Also note panel three has a silhouette panel which one of the very few "spotting of blacks" in the entire four pages. Perhaps this was an intentional mirroring the frivolous, silly nature of the subject matter.

It should also be noted the text story "Wrong Number" is by John Broome who later wrote some of the best Silver Age Flash and Green Lantern stories. This brings up the intriguing possibility that Broome may have written some of the Captain Marvel Jr. stories of this period.

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  1. Interesting short from John Broome. It might be fun to take an in-depth look at a lot of these little one-off tales that used to be included for postal regulations.