Monday, July 16, 2012

Master Comics #115 (May 1950, Nyoka & Ozzie & Babs)

Nyoka "The Invisible Menace"

This story is fairly typical formula plot with a gimmick (the invisibility serum) used in the wrong way to cause trouble. It is interesting that when Nyoka takes the serum she and her clothes not only become invisible but her rifle does also. The writer and editor of the story probably felt most readers wouldn't notice and trying to come up with an explanation would unnecessarily complicate matters. This story owes its basis to the various Invisible Man movies and the Invisible Scarlet O'Neil comic strip.

Ozzie & Babs "Dawn, Dusk and Date Time"

This has to be one of the dopiest teen humor stories produced during the last half of the 1940s. The young girls are presented as short-tempered bitches and the adolescent boys are stupid and ineffectual. These girls beat up on their male counterparts at the least provocation. Where is the Comics Code when you need it? (of course this is more than five years before the Code took effect). This story is unusually violent and mean-spirited for a teen humor comic. One is tempted to think the writer hated teenagers. This is an awful story.

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  1. You're right. The Ozzie story *is* pretty's a failed attempt to apply strike situations from unions and management to teen dating, and it doesn't work at all. Way too violent and not funny.