Monday, July 2, 2012

Master Comics #111 (January 1950, "Ozzie and Babs" and "Colonel Corn")

Ozzie and Babs "Vulture For Culture"

This strip is one of Fawcett's attempts at  teen humor similar to Archie. Ozzie and Bbs did have some short-lived success as it had its own title from 1947-1949. Ozzie took up residence in this anthology after his title was cancelled until the end of Master Comics' run. This story is somewhat similar to a 3 Stooges movie short where the protagonists get themselves into trouble and are chased through a museum creating humorous havoc on the way. Ozzie is a complete dunderhead and Babs knows it. She seems to be too normal to be hanging out with someone like Ozzie.

Colonel Corn and Korny Kobb  "Bare Fists"

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this strip is the cartoonist's ability to keep the scenes moving in what essentially is a two man standup comedy routine. Korny is obviously the Colonel's straight man and the writer deftly leads the reader from one joke to the next. Some interestng visual clues such as the street light fixture (page 2, panel 4) and the staircase (page 4) help keep the reader involved in what is essentially corny/cheesy but clean humor.

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