Monday, July 30, 2012

Captain Marvel Jr. #71 (March 1949, Warlords of Mars)

Note: Unfortunately my copy of Captain Marvel Jr #71 was significantly defaced many years ago. Store owners who carried comic books would cut the logos off the comic book cover (of unsold issues) and return them to the distributor for credit. Some of these "3/4 cover" comics escaped destruction and were given away or otherwise disposed of. On my comic the front cover and several pages of the first story were cut way. I am beginning the first story with page seven. Hopefully someone with a complete first issue will come along post it on the Digital Comics Museum web site.

The Warlords of the Moon

One of the interesting things about this tale is that a real observatory is the focal point of the narrative, Mount Palomar. This certainly provides an educational aspect to the story (the observatory's 200 inch telescope). CapJr's intelligence is emphasized in this story. A caption says, "But Captain Marvel Jr's keen brain rapidly calculating the origin of the bomb which hit Earth!" He can also no only fly through space unaided but he can talk it's vacuum also. Script by Otto Binder (GDB) and art by Bud Thompson. This issue has three Thompson stories where the artist is hitting his stride on the Captain Marvel Jr strip. [We are showing only the last several pages of this story].

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