Monday, July 9, 2012

Master Comics #115, May 1950 (The Human Dogs)

(Note: I had scheduled posting Captain Marvel Jr #20 but just noted that it has recently been posted on the Digital Comic Museum website. This is for the best as my copy was incomplete missing several pages from the second CMJ story.)

Convention Note: This week I will be at the San Diego Comic Con at the Christian Comic Arts Table in the Small Press section. If any of you are there please stop by and say hi. I'd be happy to meet you.

The Human Dogs

This is a fairly standard Sivana Jr story with the World's Wickedest Boy coming up with a gadget that causes Capjr  ten pages worth of trouble. The GCD credits the artwork to Bill Ward. I disagree and believe that Sheldon Moldoff contributed  the visuals to this yarn. Ward and Moldoff have somewhat similar styles during this  period.

Colonel Corn

Once again the unnamed bigfoot cartoonist  uses perspective to move the string of one line jokes along to the predictable slapstick conclusion. (We will finish this issue next week).

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  1. Thanks for continuing with the series. It is appreciated.