Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Master Comics #111(January 1950, The Wedding Present Murder)

Tom Mix

It seems difficult to understand that Tom Mix was still popular enough to warrant his own comic strip in Master Comics as well as his own Fawcett title (Tom Mix Western) and a national radio program nearly ten years after his death and 15 years after his last film. Perhaps it was because Mix was one of the (if not the) cowboy movie star that defined the Western hero film genre. He was a mentor of sorts to John Wayne and was a pallbearer at Wyatt Earp's funeral. This is a straight forward oater with unscrupulous ranchers letting their greed for more land get the better of them. This story is about the innocence of Fred Rigney and Mix is there to save the young cowboy's hide and capture the bad guys. Art by Carl Pfeufer and John Jordan (GCD).

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