Thursday, October 3, 2013

San Diego Comics Fest

I will be at the San Diego Comics Fest this weekend. I will be speaking on the history of American Comics from 1930-1970. Below is the description of my presentation. This will be on Friday night, Oct 4. If you are coming to the Con stop by and say hi.

6:15pm – 7:15pm: The History of American Comic Books, 1930-1970- Don Ensign presents an illustrated history of American comic books, from 1930 through the Silver Age. His presentation begins with the reprint comics of the 1930s, then goes into the rise of Superman and other super heroes. Don discusses the other trends and major companies and personalities of the 1940s. Then he goes into the 1950s with the crime and horror comics and Dr Wertham, followed by the rise of the Silver Age and Marvel Comics and 1960s comics fandom. Panelist: Don Ensign Room: Eaton. - See more at:

I've also be on a panel late Sunday afternoon.

Don Ensign

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