Monday, October 7, 2013

Captain Marvel Jr. #36 (March 1946, "Monkey Shines! ")

Monkey Shines! 

Here we have another POF (Pets of Freddy) story this time with a monkey. An over-aching theme is the naming of the small simian. At the end of the story Freddy calls the monkey, Jeep. He also lists several readers who sent in the right name. While this comic did not have a letters page this acknowledges the importance of its readers and apparently the responsiveness of those readers. Comic book letter columns in the 1940s were a rarity at best.  Some of the panels (showing the monkey) could easily have been in a funny animal comic of the period with its animated quality. The artwork (probably) by Bud Thompson shows the his versatility as an artist. He is able to go from realistic draftsmanship to excellent cartoon work. This story has standard copies of Mac Raboy poses for Cap Jr.

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