Monday, October 28, 2013

Captain Marvel, Jr. #37 (April 1946, The Crime Wave)

The Crime Wave

This story has a sort of odd mixing of different time eras connected to it. Freddy, in then current times (1946), reads an newspaper article about problems in a mining camp (seemly in Alaska or the Yukon). When he arrives to help out in New Town City it seems as if he has gone 50 years into the past to the turn of the 20th Century during the Alaska gold rush days (note the police uniforms- various fashions and town scenes). This sort of "time wrapping" was used in 1950s TV programs like The Roy Rogers Show where Roy and Dale strapped on six shooters to their hips and rode beautiful horses while Pat Brady drove his jeep -Nellybell. As a kid I didn't have a problem with this it just a part of the show. Art by Bud Thompson.

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