Monday, October 14, 2013

Captain Marvel Jr. #37 (April 1946, "Sees Stars!")

Sees Stars!

This is a delightful human interest story that shows an infatuated Freddy Freeman being kissed by the beautiful movie star, Lona Twister (Cap Jr. is equally infatuated). Lona Twister seems to be a take off of real life movie star, Lana Turner. However, there are a couple of problems. One, Lona Twister seems not to realize Freddy is the Blue Boy even though he turns into the World's Mightiest Boy in front of her in locked room (Though in the last panel while planting a kiss on Freddy's cheek Miss Twister coyly says, "And this is for your friend Capt. Marvel Jr.! I'll always be indebted to him."). Second, Cap Jr. uses deceit to help the motion picture star succeed with the movie studios. He declares while clobbering the kidnappers with a high heeled shoe, "These high heel marks will convince the reporters. Now, I'd better leave so nobody will suspect I had anything to do with it." Art by Bud Thompson.

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