Monday, July 29, 2013

Captain Marvel Jr. #31 (July 1945-Sivana Slips Up)

There has been a question about the Blue Boy Chronicles #1. The issue is essentially finished and at this point I'm waiting on a speciality comics seller to decide whether they want to carry the magazine or not before going to press.

I will be skipping next week and be back on August 12 to finish Captain Marvel Jr. #31.

Sivana Slips Up

Perhaps the most entertaining aspect of this story is Dr. Sivana's vocabulary-challenged henchman Bugs. The villain's weapon is somewhat similar to the "Man Who Destroyed Friction" (CMJ #84-448). In both cases CMJ wasn't able to nab the villains though the 1950 yarn is a much better story. This story seems a comedown for Sivana who resorts to committing mere crime (albeit grand larceny) rather than plotting to conquer the world (or universe). The moral of the story comes when Cap Jr realizes his strength is ineffective and he must think his way out of the greasy room prison.
Once again the art seems to have been done by several hands in the Fawcett Art Department. This story's artwork is lackluster and seems thrown together with a minimum effort for establishing real drama and genuine excitement.

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