Monday, July 15, 2013

Master Comics #79 (May 1947- Radar)

Here is another rather unlikely revival of the Fascist menace only two years after its
overwhelming defeat in World War II. Yes, some former fascists and Nazis escaped to Latin America and the Middle East and did cause some political and economic problems and hardships in the nations that received them. But it was not until a generation or two down the road that the influence of fascist and Nazi ideas fully flowered in such regimes as Sadaam Hussein's Iraq and the Islamist Terrorist movement. As with the previous Radar story it seems highly unlikely that Sikir the Great, the leader of the movement, would expose himself to possible defeat and capture when his henchmen could do the dirty work. Radar would plod ago for another 8 stories until his slot was filled by Hopalong Cassidy in Master Comics #88.

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