Monday, August 12, 2013

Captain Marvel Jr. #31 (July 1945-The Courage of K-9)

The Courage of the K-9

This story combines several different genre. One, this is a peripheral war story. It details an unusual problem of a returning GI coming home after serving his country overseas. Secondly it is an animal story where Granger, the K-9 dog redeems himself by saving his master, Joe Wagner from the death grip of the rustler's canine. Also the Montana locale, the sheep rancher and armed rustlers place this yarn in the western genre. This story is unusual in that it has a thematic foot in three genre: war, animal and western. The story's conclusion is wrapped up very well with everyone winning (except the rustlers). This is a moderately well done "feel good" story where Cap Jr. helps out a down on his luck GI reconnect with what is most important to him. 
Some of the character faces and figures looks as if Bud Thompson had input into the visual look of this story if he was not responsible for the entire art job (of course with many Mac Raboy swipes).

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