Monday, September 3, 2012

Captain Marvel Jr #14( December 1943 -On Treasure Island)

On Treasure island

This is a classic lost-on-a-tropical island story. This tale has some of the same type of characters we will find in the 1960s Gilligan's island TV program—a movie star, wealthy business man, a professor and Spike is somewhat like (a crooked) Gilligan. The moral is "Greed for riches gets you nothing worthwhile. Freddy Freeman." Whenever the Blue Boy appears we get Mac Raboy photostats from previous stories, otherwise an unknown Fawcett staff artist (s) completed the artwork.


  1. Will the next one be "Vest Pocket Levitator" or do you actually have "The Sinister Stamps"?

  2. Yes, the next story will be the "Vest Pocket Levitator". No "The Sinister Stamps" was not reprinted in the British CMJ #19 (from CMJ #14).