Monday, September 10, 2012

Captain Marvel Jr #14 (Dec. 1943, The Vest Pocket Levitator)

The idea of Gremlins doing mischievous things in the wartime industry is personified in this tale (page 2). Here we have a supernatural element showing up in the Fawcett universe. Also we see here Captain Marvel Jr dispensing justice without the aid (or in place) of the governing/legal authorities. A man just robbed a bank of $1 million and he is let to go free after he has returned it. Apparently the bank did not press charges. However a robbery was done and bank property was damaged. It did give CapJr an opportunity to moralize. Freddy writes in his diary, "Jonas Weatherby was never a real criminal, but for a moment he was tempted by too much power. But that power bought him only trouble, and in the end he lost that power! I'm sure he is happier and wiser now, where he is!" This is a theme that is repeated in other CMJ stories. A otherwise honest person being tempted to take a criminal short cut to riches.

Art: DC Comics reprints credit this story to Mac Raboy. It seems as if the artwork is composed of many Mac Raboy swipes/photostats but Raboy may have done some new work on this story (note Page 1, panel 2, pages 2 and 3). However the subsequent pages are very like the work of Fawcett staff artists.

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