Monday, August 27, 2012

Captain Marvel Jr. #14 (December 1943) Sivana, the Muscle Midget

Note: This is a patch work issue. What is presented over the next several weeks are reprints from Captain Marvel Jr #14 (December 1943). The first two stories presented (actually stories 2 & 3 in CMJ #14) is from the b & w British edition of CMJ #19 (apparent published ten years later in 1953). Since this issue is not yet at Digital Comics Museum we present this issue minus the first story for research purposes. Hopefully someone will upload the entire original issue in the future.

Sivana the Muscled Midget

This story contains a rare typo, Page 7 panel 5 "My best chance to catch up to him is not as Capt. Marvel!" (Should be Capt. Marvel Jr. ). There seems to be some uncertainty about Sivana's knowledge of CMJ's alter ego. When Sivana gags Freddy he declares, " Captain Marvel Jr's crippled little friend--he's generally not very far from this little brat!" However it has been established that Sivana knows CapJr's secret identity (CMJ #4, 32). The theme of Sivana or Sivana Jr gaining to super powers will appear again.
Art: Many Mac Raboy swipes/photostats.

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