Monday, September 17, 2012

Master Comics #74 (November 1946, "The Fountain of Age")

This story presents a couple of re-occurring themes with Sivana Jr stories. One is his promises (which are never kept) of reform. The other is his ability as a master chemist to concoct solutions that cause chaos and havoc as distractions for his criminal endeavors. We see this in his first Captain Marvel Jr appearance in Captain Marvel Jr #36 ("CMJ Battles Sivana Jr") where he produces "Jitterbug" pills that cause teenagers to engage in non-stop dancing. This time it is an aging potion that disables his adversaries by making them too old to resist. He gets a dose of his own medicine in the end administered by the Blue Boy. Art is by Bud Thompson.


  1. Thanks. This issue, however, is now available on the Digital Comics Museum.

  2. That's fine, since I've already started it I will finish uploading the rest of the issue with my comments.