Monday, April 29, 2013

Captain Marvel Jr. Story Pages Graph

This week we are including a graph of the page count for Captain Marvel Jr. stories
published between 1941 and 1953. It should be noted that the highest point was
in 1943 for the number of story pages. The lowest point came in 1945 (except for the
final year of publication 1953) this very likely due to the wartime paper shortage.
The next high is in 1948 which also was the year the most CMJ stories were published
(though they were shorter in page length than in 1943). After that there was a
gradual decline in page output until 1953 which was only a partial publishing year.

Next week we have a big announcement that we are sure will beof interest to
Captain Marve Jr. fans.

The weeks following we will be back to our reprints with Master Comics #78
and #79.

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