Monday, April 22, 2013

Captain Marvel Jr. (1953 Story Listings)

Today we are concluding our listing of Captain Marvel Jr. stories with those published
in 1953. Of course, the Blue Boy continued to be published as a member of The Marvel Family the last issue dated #89 (January 1954). One speculation: It seems likely that part of the agreement between Fawcett and DC to cease printing of Captain Marvel Adventures (and related titles) was that Fawcett be permitted to published their inventory stories before they closed down shop. It seems as if the final court ruling against Fawcett happened sometime in 1952. Thus Master Comics ceased with #133 (April 1953) which probably hit the stands in February and Captain Marvel Jr. with #119 (June 1953) likely sold in April 1953. It is interesting to note that CMJ #117 is January 1953 and CMJ #118 is April 1953. For steady readers of the title this may have caused some apprehension that things were not going well.
Captain Marvel Jr. would not be published again in the United States until Shazam #1(February 1973).


Captain Marvel Jr.  #117  January 1953

585. Captain Marvel Jr and the Werewolf of London (8 pp)
Art; Joe Certa (GCD)*

586. CMJ and The Lost Space Ship (6 pp)
Art: Bud Thompson (GCD)*

587. CMJ Becomes The Funniest Looking Boy in the World" (7 pp)
Art: Bud Thompson. (GCD)*

Master Comics #132  February 1953

588. The Note From Nowhere (6 pp)
Art:  Bill Ward (?) (GCD)*

Master Comics #133  April 1953

589. The Living Dead (7 pp)
Art: ? (GCD) Bill Ward (?) or Sheldon Moldoff (?) (DE)

Captain Marvel Jr. #118  April 1953

590. The Hammer of Hate (7 pp)
Art: Joe Certa (GCD)*

591. The Lazy Genie (5 pp)
Art: Bud Thompson (GCD)*

592. In the Days of Robin Hood (8 pp)
Art: Bud Thompson(GCD)* Writer, Bill Woolfolk (GCD)

593. The Great Vacuum (6 pp)
Art: Bud Thompson (GCD)*

Captain Marvel Jr.  #119 June 1953

594. The Regiment That was Afraid to Fight (7 pp)
Art: Joe Certa (GCD)*

595. CMJ Guilt of Murder (6 pp)
Art: Bud Thompson (GCD)*

596. The Fourth Dimension Elephant (5 pp)
Art: Bud Thompson (GCD)*

597. The City in the Maelstrom (8 pp)
Art: Joe Certa (GCD)*

The Marvel Family #84, June 1953

Triple Trap of Terror (Marvel Family Story)

598. Chapter 2 The Boiling Menace (CMJ solo) (4 pp)
Art: Kurt Schaffenberger (GCD)*

599. The Victim of Circumstances (7 pp)
Art: Bill Ward ? (GCD)**  or Sheldon Moldoff (DE)

The Marvel Family #85, July 1953

600. Vampira's Beast of the Battlefield (8 pp)
Art: Bud Thompson (GCD)*

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  1. Actually, he would. THE MARVEL FAMILY had more issues to go, and ceased with issue #89 (January 1954). CMJ appeared in all issues, though not in solo stories.