Monday, August 13, 2012

Captain Marvel Jr #71 (March 1949-CMJ and the Singing Donkey )

This is a delightful fable about a singing and talking donkey. The crooner, Bop Dorbey, is obviously, Bing Crosby makes an appearance only on the last page. In 1946 David Stern wrote and published a popular book called "Francis the Talking Mule". In 1950 the first of a series of comedy motion pictures based on Francis appeared. Perhaps this story was influenced by the book. However there is also a talking donkey in the Bible (Balaam donkey, Numbers 22:28-30). CapJr. again does an impossible stunt by lifting a building of its foundation and replacing it better that ever. This doesn't account for the building plumbing and wiring that would be damaged by lifting the structure. Once again Bud Thompson provides some wonderful art.

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  1. A popular singing performer, forced by his exploiter to try to fit into a culture that will never truly accept him? I think there's some social commentary at work here, buried beneath the Tawky-Tawny-style funny animal element.