Monday, May 9, 2011

Captain Marvel Jr #52 (CMJ Helps His Neighbors)

In "CMJ Helps His Neighbors" gas station owner Red O'Riley makes his first appearance and is rescued by the Blue Boy. Officer Bellows figures prominently in this story which includes a neighborhood watch committee of sorts. Sam Bond, the fire chief, is also in this story as he was in the first. Bond however rarely appears in in future CMJ stories. In this story Freddy's neighborhood is shown. On page 6 we have a panorama view of the neighborhood with Fire station next door to the bank (with Freddy's newsstand on the sidewalk in front of) and the gas station across the street. Freddy concluding announcement is fitting, "Yes, sir! I sure like this neighborhood! I have a host of friends now, and I'm here to stay!" This story was written by Otto Binder with art by Bud Thompson.

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