Monday, May 23, 2011

Captain Marvel Jr #39 (The Death of Graybeard)

The "Death of Graybeard" is the last in a trilogy of stories. The first two Graybeard tales were published in the previous issues, Captain Marvel Jr #37(April 1946) and #38 (May 1946). The basis of this tale comes from numerous stories that have surfaced over many years of European, Mid-eastern, Asian and African (including ancient Egyptian) travelers who visited the Americas in pre-Columbian times. Graybeard didn't stay dead as he returned to give Captain Marvel Jr. a hard time in World's Finest Comics #263 (June-July 1980). The artist on this story was August Froehlich who also drew the previous two Graybeard stories.

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  1. Hard to see how he got out of that one. I guess E. Nelson Bridwell must not have read *all* the Captain Marvel, Jr. stories.