Monday, May 2, 2011

Captain Marvel Jr #52 (Battles the Blues)

With "CMJ Battles the Blues" we are taking an exception to our rule to just reprint stories not already on the Web. This story is available at the GoldenAge UK and the Digital Comics Museum web sites. We do this as a matter of completeness.
It is interesting that Sivana Jr.'s Vibrator ray didn't harm the World's Mightiest Boy but his uniform was destroyed. Unlike Superboy's costume CMJ uniform is not indestructible. One of Freddy's new neighbors is Tom Simmons, the Tailor who helps with his soiled costume. During the Silver Age The Flash's villainous Rogues galley had their own tailor (Paul Gambi) who constructed their costumes. According to GCD this story was written by Otto Binder with art by Bud Thompson.

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