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Captain Marvel Jr. (1945 Story Listings)

1945 was certainly the lowpoint (for a full year) for the production of Captain Marvel Jr.
stories. The wartime paper shortage caused for a decrease in page count per issue, a
decrease in story length and  toward the end of the year both Master Comics and
Captain Marvel Jr. went to a short term bi-monthly publishing status. Fortunately
for Cap Jr. fans better days were ahead. 1945 also sees a drop in war-related stories.
Even before World War II was over the editors and readers were moving on to other
story themes.


Master Comics #57, January 1945

135. CMJ and His Strange Rival (7 pp)
Art: Al Carreno (GDB) ** Bud Thompson(DE) Script: Otto Binder

Captain Marvel Jr. #26, January 1945

136. The Pawns Of the Killer (9 pp)
Art: Mac Raboy (?) (GCD)**  FAD (DE)

School Spirit Scores a Touchdown (7 pp)
Art: Bud Thompson(?) (GCD)*

137. The Totem of Terror (7 pp)
Art:  Mac Raboy (GCD)** FAD (DE)

Master Comics #58, February 1945

138. CMJ and the Volcano Terror! (7 pp)
Art: AL Carreno? (GCD)** August Froelisch (DE) Script: Otto Binder

Captain Marvel Jr. #27, February 1945

139. CMJ in Darkest Africa  (7 pp)
Art: Mac Raboy (?) GCD)** FAD(DE)

140. Double Trouble  (8 pp)
Art: Mac Raboy GCD)** FAD(DE)

141. Caverns of Flame (8 pp)
Art: August Froelisch? GCD)**  FAD (DE)

Master Comics #59,  March 1945

142. The Upside Downies  (7 pp)
Art: AL Carreno? (GCD)** Bud Thompson(DE)

Captain Marvel Jr. #28, March 1945

143. The Crumbling Crimes (7 pp)
Art: Mac Raboy (?) (GCD)**   FAD(DE)

144. The Fighting Namesake (7 pp)
Art: Mac Raboy (?) (GCD)**   FAD (DE)

145. Battles the Moon Monster (7 pp)
Art: Bud Thompson? (GCD)** August Froelisch ?

Master Comics #60, (April 194

146. Racket in Wax  (7 pp)
Art: Bud Thompson (GCD)*

Captain Marvel Jr. #29, April 1945

147. The Real Face of False Face! (9 pp)
Art: Mac Raboy (GCD)**   FAD(DE)

148. CMJ Blazes the Wilderness Trail (6 pp)
Art: Mac Raboy (GCD)**   FAD(DE)

149. CMJ Goes to Never Never Land! (7pp)
Art: August Froehlich (GCD)*  Script: Otto Binder

Master Comics #61, May 1945

150. CMJ Meets Uncle Marvel!
Art: Bud Thompson (GDB)* Script: Otto Binder

Captain Marvel Jr. #30,  May 1945

151. CMJ Meets the Amazing Mr. Meteor! (7 pp)
Art: Mac Raboy ? (GCD)** (FAD) (DE)

152.CMJ On Trial For His Own Murder! (9 pp)
Art: Mac Raboy? (GCD)** (FAD) (DE)

154.The Secret of Skull Island! (7 pp)
Art: Mac Raboy? (GCD)** August Froehlich(DE)

Master Comics #62,  July 1945

155. CMJ and the Flytamin Pills! (7 pp)
Art: Bud Thompson? (GCD)*

Captain Marvel Jr. #31,  July 1945

156. The Robombs of the Rising Sun (8 pp)
Art: ? (GCD)  FAD (DE)

157. Sivana Slips Up (7 pp)
Art: ? (GCD)  FAD (DE)

158. The Courage of K-9  (7 pp)
Art: ? (GCD)  Bud Thompson (DE)

Master Comics #63, Sept-Oct 1945

159. Mystery of the Vanishing Senators! (7 pp)
Art: Gene MacDonald (GCD)

Captain Marvel Jr. #32  September-October 1945

160. The Out of Focus People  (8 pp)
Art: Bud Thompson ? (GCD)*

161.In Lunatic Larceny! (8 pp)
Art: Mac Raboy? (GCD)** FAD (DE)

162. The Keeper of the Lonely Rock (7 pp)
Art: Mac Raboy? (GCD)**  Bud Thompson (DE)

Master Comics #64, Nov.-Dec. 1945

163. CMJ Battles the Crime Destroyer (6 pp)
Art: Bud Thompson ? (GCD)** FAD (DE) Script: Otto Binder

Captain Marvel Jr. #33,  Nov.-Dec. 1945

164. The Ant Bear (7 pp)
Art: ? (GCD)*  Bud Thompson? (DE) Script: Bill Woolfolk
165. CMJ Stamps out a Paper Menace (7 pp)
Art:  ? (GCD)   FAD (DE)
166. The Remorseful Robot (7 pp)
Art:   (GCD) Bud Thompson? (DE)

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