Monday, January 7, 2013

Master Comics #126 (February 1952- The Panther Man)

 Happy New Year

This is a story of revenge. It is difficult not to have some sympathy for Panther Man who is on a mission of vengeance. He is after the hunters who killed the Panther Queen (perhaps his mate). Apparently the Panther Man is some strange human/panther hybrid. The issue of justice is somewhat muddled at the end. CapJr comments, "Since he's only partly human, I don't know what the authorities are going to do about him. I do know, they'll mete out the right kind of justice!" Art by Sheldon Moldoff. GCD has Bill Ward as artist.
(Sorry don't have the covers to this comic.)

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  1. Later on, the Panther Man made a second appearance, and he died. If the story had appeared in more modern times, he'd have been handled more sympathetically.