Monday, June 25, 2012

Master Comics #111 (January 1950-CMJ & The Seeing Eye)

 Note: This week we will present the first two stories from Master Comics #111 and next week the rest of the issue.

The Seeing Eye

This story shows that Freddy finally realizes the folly of making himself venerable by turning from CMJ to himself. "What a fool I was! After I saw what was in store I never should have permitted myself to be taken unaware!" It also shows Freddy enjoying an ice cream soda and having compassion on a younger boy and treating him a soda. The Blue Boy's throwing the Magic Eye object into the ocean could mean it could wash up on a beach and be found later. Why not destroy it as he had done with other dangerous objects? This seems ready made for a future but ultimately unwritten story. Art by Kurt Schaffenburger.


  1. Great! Will you be pubbing the rest of the issue?