Monday, June 18, 2012

Captain Marvel Jr #44 (November 1946, CMJ and the Poison Press!)

This story has the same basic plot premise as "The Case of the Poisoned Press" (CMJ #13)--three years earlier. It is an update recycled plot (even with a similar title) taking into account the public's interest in atomic radiation. This is an educational story on gamma radiation. CMJ explains to a policeman, "Anybody reading these newspapers would have been temporarily radio-active emanations! Lester Larch, the ink and dye mixer, put a radio-active solution in the ink, with which these papers were printed!" The polices furthers asks, " You mean the radio-active rays can cause anemia and blindness?"  Junior further elaborates, "Yes, these are the most powerful rays known, called gamma rays!"
CMJ was more realistic about Gamma Rays that Stan Lee and Jack Kirby were 16 years later when Bruce Banner turned into the Incredible Hulk by being exposed to a Gamma Bomb explosion.
As with the previous story Bud Thompson was probably involved in the penciling.

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  1. Don't think we don't love these old stories, because we do!