Monday, May 28, 2012

Captain Marvel Jr #89 (Feud With a House) September 1950

The writer of this story points out the contradiction in the Captain Marvel Jr. mythos. CMJ receives his powers from the ancient gods (a spiritual power). The Blue Boy has battled ghosts and evil spirits yet he (maybe just Freddy) takes a modern materialist position. The crippled newsboy notes, "Of course, I don't really believe the house was trying to carry out that curse! But it was a strange series of coincidences!"  Then a truck runs into Freddy's newsstand. The truck is filled with the wreckage of the Van Gloot house. The ending caption says "Whence does come the spirit of evil? Can it really animate apparently mindless objects...such as a house? Freddy Freeman still thinks not! But for a while he certainly had good reasons to doubt his convictions." Art by Joe Certa.

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