Monday, May 21, 2012

Captain Marvel Jr #89 ( The Doom of Freddy Freeman, September 1950)

Dr Albert Steinein looks like Dr Albert Einstein (note convoluted spelling). This story is somewhat similar to "Twenty Four Hours to Live!" CMJ #35 (January 1946) except it is Freddy who will die in this story not CapJr. Freddy makes the right decision to save another's life who leads to saving his own. Freddy concludes, "I guess it's true that only in trying to help others do we really find our own salvation!" From a Christian perspective this statement is not good theology. Good deeds like saving someone's life is an outgrowth of one's salvation not a means of salvation. Art by Joe Certa.

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  1. Thanks for the theology. If those of us who are Christian speak up, maybe we'll eventually be noticed.