Monday, March 5, 2012

Captain Marvel Jr #85 (The Boy Who Wanted to Be Famous) May 1950

Blogger Note: I was informed last week that this issue had been recently added to the Digital Comics Museum. I made this schedule before CMJ #85 became available on DCM. However it looks as if the DCM version is not complete. I will go ahead with posting the entire issue (ads and all) to this site. Also you'll get my deathless commentary. :)

The Boy Who Wanted to Be Famous

This is a one of those rare times Freddy Freeman is involved in his high school and at a sporting event. This is a good "boy" story with an important moral for a geeky kid. Egbert loses his race but goes after the bad guy. Freddy comments, "You didn't lose out at all Egbert! This kind of fame is the real thing!" Egbert agrees, "Right, Freddy! I realize now that my athletic prowess would have been only phony fame!" A lot can be packed into seven short pages with script by Otto Binder and art by Joe Certa.

The first two pages shown are the inside front cover (Mechanix Illustrated) and page 1(Wheaties ad). The Kanvasback story is directly after the first Captian Marve Jr. story (published last week).

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