Monday, December 12, 2011

Master Comics #61 (May 1945)

Master Comics #61

While I've noted that Master Comics #61 has just been uploaded to the Digital Comics Museum website. However since it is not the entire issue I will upload it to the Blue Boy website. I'll be uploading each story plus ads and filler material over the next several days. Captain Marvel Jr. got shoved to the back of the book. Merry Christmas.

Radar and the Jap Bargain Peace

This is  a fairly innovative plot with the Japanese trying to broker a separate peace agreement with the United States. This issue is cover dated May 1945 which was the month Nazi Germany surrendered to the Allies. It is likely when this story was written (perhaps late 1944 or early 1945) the Axis defeat was pretty much assured. Radar foils the plot and ends with restating the Allies pledge for unconditional surrender from the Japanese. Art by Al Carreno


  1. Hope you'll post the rest of the ish as well! Do you by any chance have Bulletman #11?

  2. I'm planning over the next several days publishing on line the entire book---story by story.