Monday, December 5, 2011

Captain Marvel Jr #78 (The Voodoo Clock) October 1949

The Voodoo Clock

This is a well plotted story which proves the contention that a good comic book yarn can be told in such a short space (in this case 7 pages). This is a tale of prophesy but the fulfillment of each prophesy is different than what the reader might expect. Excellent art by Bud Thompson.

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  1. I love Bud Thompson's art. To me he's one of the underrated artists of the Golden Age of comics. His stuff had a great feel for design, and at the same time showed terrific cartooning skills. The upper middle panel of page 5 of this story has one of his favorite bits, turning the figures into silhouettes. This pops up in several Captain Marvel Jr. stories. I recall first hearing about Thompson in Jim Steranko's History of Comics, and then seeing his art for the first time in the old DC Shazam 100 Page comics. Thanks for posting Thompson's art for new readers to appreciate.