Monday, October 24, 2011

Captain Marvel Jr #75 (The Hammer That Shook the World) July 1949

The Hammer That Shook the World

CMJ does a patented Silver Age Flash speed trick to gather the money at the start of the story. This is an interesting story in a number of ways. One, Jethro Dem is trying to do what God (even taking the place of God) did during the great flood of Noah. He wanted to wipe out mankind and start over with his nephew and his wife. The scenes of the destruction of the Earth are very forceful. Until you realized it was a "dream" story you believed the writers were taking some real risks with the strip. This is one story where CMJ in the non-dream state saves the world. At the end Freddy philosophizes about the nature of human progress --a very liberal, progressive and idealistic concept of progress.
Art: Bud Thompson.

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