Monday, October 3, 2011

Captain Marvel Jr #72 (The Night Crawler) April 1949

The Night Crawler

By 1949 we see less and less of Freddy Freeman's diary used as a plot device at the beginning and end of each story. The issue that isn't covered in this story is CMJ's secret identity. Someone reading Freddy's diary (called CMJ's Diary in this story) should be able to figure out that Freddy and Captain Marvel Jr are the same person. Apparently neither Ima Snoop nor the publishers had the time to read the diary carefully to figure it out or the writer chose not it pursue that angle. Night Crawler had the potential of being a good reoccurring villain but he was killed off after only one nine page story. Art probably by Joe Certa.


  1. Don't you just love Cap Jr.'s tender sentiments as the bad guy falls to his death?

  2. Yes, CapJr can be rather caustic in his comments regarding the bad guys.