Friday, September 9, 2011

Master Comics #45 (December 1943) Bulletman & Balbo

Bulletman was the most successful of Fawcett's second tier superheroes (after the Marvel Family). His zenith was during 1942 and early 1943. He not only appeared in Master Comics but also in his own title and America's Greatest Comics. However by the end of 1943 his strip was in rapid decline with the cancellation of the Bulletman comic (there was a short-lived revival of that title in 1946) and America's Greatest Comics. Perhaps it is indicative that Bulletman followed Hopalong Cassidy in this issue. Bulletman was canceled with issue #12 (February 1943). The first issue of Fawcett's Hopalong Cassidy was dated February 1943. The story in this issue of Master Comics is one of Bulletman's least interesting. For more on Bulletman see Men of Mystery #80 (AC Comics).

Balbo, the Boy Magician is also a pretty dull offering—definitely filler material. Perhaps the most interesting thing about the story is that the villain escapes at the end. Balbo lasted two more issues before he slipped into comic book limbo.

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