Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Master Comics #45 (December 1943) Vest Pocket Blitzkrieg

We will be taking the following two weeks off and so we will be doing something special. Over the next several days we are presenting the entire issue Master Comics #45, December 1943. This includes Captain Marvel Jr., Hopalong Cassidy, Bulletman, Balbo, Boy Magician and Minute Man. Enjoy this blast from the Golden Age of Comics.

Vest Pocket Blitzkrieg

This tale shows CMJ similar to the Silver Age Atom--shrinking down to microscopic size to battle Nazi saboteurs and hordes of goose stepping German monster germs in a sub atomic world. The enemy is a smart evil dwarf like Prof. Loveless of TV's Wild Wild West. This yarn is kind of goofy yet fun and certainly not politically correct. The story was written by Otto Binder (GCD).

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