Monday, August 22, 2011

Captain Marvel Jr #79 (CMJ and the Unhappy Clown) Aug. 1949

The moral of this yarn is don't try to be something that you aren't. Do what you are fitted and designed to do. Rico the clown rightly concludes, "Captain Marvel Jr., You've convinced me! From now on, I won't try to be a second rate hero! I stick to what I do best--making people laugh!" The art, by Bud Thompson, fit the story perfectly--it has gentle, whimsical, light-hearted drawings that works very well with this tale. The stories in this issue all have clear moral statements--perhaps Facwett included these obvious moral lessons as a way to counter the growing criticism of comics at the time.


  1. Good to see Captain Marvel Junior's Master Comic's Stories ... there two or three of the Sivana stories that haven't seen the light of day on the web. Specifically, nos 49, 74 and 104. I look forward to reading them on this blog, if they are available. Keep up the good work.

  2. Brett,

    Thanks for your interest. I don't have the issues of Master Comics you mention though I do have several others that are not currently on Digital Comics Museum (or Golden Age Comics UK). I plan on running those issues one ever three or four months to break up the stories from CMJ.