Monday, August 29, 2011

Captain Marvel Jr #22 (CMJ Rides the Clermont) Aug. 1944

Over the next several weeks we'll be jumping back again to an earlier issues in CMJ's run to Captain Marvel Jr #22, August 1944.

CMJ Rides the Clermont

This tale has a historical connection with Robert Fulton's steamship the Clermont being the focus of the story. We also see Freddy Freeman's friend the boy inventor Sylvester Jones ( first appears in CMJ #17-96, 99). The geography of this story shows that Freddy Freeman was hawking newspapers in New York City or a nearby city. Skyscapers are shown in the background (panel 2 page 1). Al Carreno is credited by GCD with the art on this story.  This researcher believes that Bud Thompson (though perhaps not doing all the penciling) not Al Carreno was involved with the art.

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