Monday, November 11, 2013

Captain Marvel Jr. #38 (May 1946- Capt. Marvel Jr. Fights the Arabian Knights)

Here we see Cap Jr. helping out a young man (Ali) win his lady love. The Blue Boy can fly at a speed where "he can hardly be seen!" using these powers to lift a "magic cushion" into the air. At the conclusion of the story Ali "confesses to the sultan that his magic cushion was a trick!" The sultan responds, "I admire your honesty, my son, and I know your love for my daughter is true! I forgive you and wish you both happiness." The writer here expresses moral sensitivity resolving this "deception for the sake of good" situation. The background artwork in the first five pages is extensive and well-done for the Arabian setting, but the last four pages the backgrounds are minimal. It is almost like the background artist wasn't available for the last part of the story. This is an enjoyable story and the World's Mightiest Boy fits in well as a blue genie. Script by Otto Binder. Art by Bud Thompson.

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