Monday, September 23, 2013

Captain Marvel Jr #36 (March 1946-- Capt. Marvel Jr. Battles Sivana, Jr.)

Capt. Marvel Jr. Battles Sivana, Jr.

Sivana Jr (the World's Worst Boy) makes his first appearance in Capt. Marvel Jr. by providing "Jitterbug Pills" to dancing teenagers to give them more energy to dance.  Sivana Jr. was introduced the previous month in Captain Marvel Adventures  #52 February 1946. The Fawcett editors decided to clone Dr. Sivana so that each member of the Marvel Family would have their only Sivana to deal with. Sivana Jr. was a son of Dr. Sivana who secretly grew up on Venus. Some of the early dancing panels in this story could have easily fit into a teen humor comic (e.i. Archie) of the period. Agewise, Freddy and Cap Jr. fit well into this story as they would have been between 16 and 18 years old during this time. After Sivana Jr has been stopped by the Blue Boy he vows that he will escape. "You'll hear from me again, Capt Marvel Jr!" This is surely a promise Sivana Jr. kept again and again and again. Script by Otto Binder and art by Bud Thompson.

[Blue Boy Chronicles #1 contains a full biography of Captain Marvel Jr. arch-villain, Sivana, Jr. See August 31, 2013 entry this blog, The Blue Boy for ordering information.]

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